"Merely describing it as groove-based pop-rock barely scratches the surface of this cool, multi-melodic collection... The shifting moods and tempos throughout are a thing of poetry."

"Eclectic grooves that stand out."

            - KUTX        

“Their song structures are emblazoned by the oomph in their groove (think Modest Mouse), at times slipping into an electro-acoustic twang (a nod to fellow Austin band White Denim), and subtle modal interchanges (indebted to back-to-basics Radiohead).”

“The lyrics are fluent in acidic witticisms sprinkled with cynicism, but the frontman sings his gentle angst away in a gorgeous and mature voice.”





"Playing groovy music is what local band Futon Blonde does best.”


            - Lauren Gribble,



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Janson Sommers – Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Mark Webb – Guitar, Vocals
Beng Goodman - Bass
Steve Zamora - Drums


Futon Blonde makes moody yet catchy indie rock with an emphasis on head-nodding grooves. Formed in Austin in 2014, the band came together around songwriter Janson Sommer’s demos. In 2015 they recorded their first EP ‘Act Right’ live to tape. After a rearranging of the multi-instrumentalist members, the more meticulously recorded EP ‘Solid State’ followed in 2016. The album showcased a heavier, funkier rhythm section as well as a new bag of studio tricks. The band continued to play around Austin with a rotating cast of bass players. The band toured Texas in 2018-19 and in the summer of 2019 released their debut LP ‘Uppercut’. They have released three singles since then, 'Way Out',  'Lacerate' and 'Sisyphus Strut'.