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"Merely describing it as groove-based pop-rock barely scratches the surface of this cool, multi-melodic collection... The shifting moods and tempos throughout are a thing of poetry."

"Eclectic grooves that stand out."

            - KUTX        

“Their song structures are emblazoned by the oomph in their groove (think Modest Mouse), at times slipping into an electro-acoustic twang (a nod to fellow Austin band White Denim), and subtle modal interchanges (indebted to back-to-basics Radiohead).”

“The lyrics are fluent in acidic witticisms sprinkled with cynicism, but the frontman sings his gentle angst away in a gorgeous and mature voice.”





"Playing groovy music is what local band Futon Blonde does best.”


            - Lauren Gribble,



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Janson Sommers – Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Mark Webb – Guitar, Vocals
Beng Goodman - Bass, Vocals
Steve Zamora - Drums


Futon Blonde is an indie rock band based in Austin, TX. Formed in 2014, the band has explored elements of psych rock, funk and 90’s alternative while staying true to their catchy, groove-heavy origins. Early recordings were focused around the songwriting of singer/guitarist Janson Sommers, but over the years the band’s repertoire has grown to include the songwriting and vocal talents of lead guitarist Mark Webb and bassist Ben ‘Beng’ Goodman. The quartet has released several EP’s, one full length (‘Uppercut’ in 2019) and toured Texas and the West Coast.

In 2023 the band released the EP ‘Something That We’ve All Experienced Together Before’, a collection of 6 songs highlighting the band’s breezy indie rock side. In anticipation of 2024 EP ‘Multiplier’, the band has released a string of singles showcasing a sleek new  sound informed by bass-heavy grooves and soulful vocals.

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